Goodwell China,a member of DAH CHONG HONG, was founded in 1993 with the purpose of “bringing a better life to customers”.The Company has forged a Total Food Supply Chain, covering upstream food production, midstream distribution and downstream food retailing business. Besides distributing numerous internationally well-known food brands in China, Goodwell China also has the capability to source quality products around the world.


Walkers Shortbread bake The World’s Finest Shortbread.Made in the Highlands of Scotland, Our cookies are made with just four basic natural ingredients: wheat flour, butter, sugar, and salt. You’ll find our delicious cookies in a variety of recognizable shapes like Scottie Dogs, Triangles, Fingers and Rounds.



With over 260 years of French culinary expertise, La Maison Maille inspires every discerning food lover with daring and delicious flavours, unique gifts and gourmet recipes.


Müesli contains lots of natural fibre from the cereals, fresh fruit for vitamins, is low in fat, is nutritionally well-balanced and contains important proteins in the milk and yoghurt. And it can also be prepared at lightning speed!




DCH and COFCO Womai Sign a Strategic Co-operation Agreement to Develop Food Business

Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited (stock code:01828) and Womai, a food e-commerce platform under China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation , signed a Strategic Co-operation Agreement in 2016,marking the start of a strategic alliance in developing global food chain business with special focus on imported food products.As an important member of DCH food business,Goodwell China has been working closely with Womai to increase the competitiveness of both sides and enrich customers’ choices.